The new Toyota Highlander takes on the Ford Explorer!

If you think “American-made,” what comes to mind? It’s common for drivers to automatically think of vehicles made by companies like Ford. Did you know that many new Toyota near Leesburg have actually topped the charts when it comes to being made right here in the USA?

The list of American-made Toyota include:

• Toyota Avalon
• Toyota Camry
• Toyota Tacoma
• Toyota Tundra

If you want to purchase a vehicle from a company that’s known for making vehicles right here in the USA, and also want access to a ride that’s sleek, stylish, and delivers plenty of space, then you might want to check out the 2014 Toyota Highlander! We put this SUV up against a famous Ford, the 2014 Ford Explorer, so that drivers can get a peek into how these vehicles compare with one another!

Toyota of Clermont puts a Toyota SUV up against a Ford!

2014 Ford Explorer for sale

At first glance, one of the most obvious changes and differences you’ll see between the new Toyota Highlander near Leesburg and the Ford Explorer are their style. The Toyota SUV just recently received an updated and refreshed look, and now it’s more sleek and streamlined than ever before! On the other hand, the Ford has a more boxy and rugged appearance that’s very different than the kind of curb-appeal the Toyota has to offer.

This isn’t the only difference between these two vehicles, though! There are other factors that weigh in favor of the new Toyota Highlander.


It can be tempting to think that in order to get the exact kind of curb appeal you want, you have to shell out a lot of money. That couldn’t be further from the truth if you’re interested in this Toyota SUV! With the starting MSRP of $29,215, it’s much more budget-friendly than the Ford (which has a starting MSRP of $30,015).

This only the beginning of all the financial-friendly features the 2014 Toyota Highlander near Leesburg has to deliver. It also has a better fuel economy than the Ford Explorer! It gets about 20/25 mpg, while the Ford SUV only delivers around 17/24 mpg.

Safety Features

new Toyota Highlander near Leesburg

If you’re driving an SUV, then chances are you’ll want to check the safety ratings to make the larger vehicle you have in mind meets all of your preferences and safety concerns. You’ll be able to drive this new Toyota with complete peace of mind.

U.S. News has rated it a top ten choice in affordability, and has ALSO given it a higher safety rating than the Ford Explorer! Not only that, but this popular Toyota SUV has also been labeled a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety!

Enjoy every ride when you’re behind the wheel of a new Toyota!

This is only sample of how this new Toyota near Leesburg outranks the Ford. It also has more to offer when it comes to technology, with features like Bluetooth technology coming standard in every trim-level (you’d have to pay extra for this in the Ford SUV).

Want to see how this Toyota handles and explore all the features it has to offer for yourself? Not a problem! Give our Internet Sales Team a call at (888) 590-6090 to set up an appointment today!