Toyota Prius near Orlando continues to excel!

2013 Toyota PriusThe new Toyota Prius near Orlando has long been praised as a popular eco-friendly transportation choice. The list of awards and recognitions it’s received is anything but short. Here’s just a few different honorable mentions and accolades it’s been given over the years:

  • Did you know that around 95% of this green vehicle that have been sold since 2002 are STILL on the road today? That’s reliability and dependability that’s hard to come by, but easy to enjoy!
  • Safety isn’t a concern in this car either. How can we be so sure? Because the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety put this hybrid on their 2013 Top Safety Picks list! The fact that it comes with the Toyota Star Safety System doesn’t hurt anyone’s peace of mind, either.
  • You can count on enjoying fantastic eco-friendly features when you’re in this car, too! It’s been called the “Best-Selling Hybrid in America” on more than one occasion!

Take your pick of efficient technology and superior design!

This vehicle’s popularity also only seems to increase. Just recently the 3 millionth Toyota Prius was sold! You don’t have to travel far if you want daily access to this eco-friendly mode of transportation. Just swing by our new Toyota dealer near Orlando! We’re open for business and you’ll find practically every model available on our lot.With three million of this vehicle being sold, you can count on it providing a wonderful variety of different features and components for drivers to pick from and make the most of. For example, did you know that you have not just one type of model to choose from, but FIVE? Just recently Toyota introduced an all-new model called the Toyota Prius Persona Series, which offers a specialized style and innovative luxurious interior features that help ensure every ride is streamlined, efficient, and enjoyable! One convenient feature that you can count on enjoying regardless of which model you choose to take home is Bluetooth wireless technology. This technology enables drivers to take care of phone calls through the audio system as well as stream music without the dependency or help of any cords or wires!

Toyota Prius near OrlandoLuxury is at your fingertips in a new Toyota Prius near Orlando!

Incredible technology is only one part of the complete package available for you to enjoy when you’re behind the wheel of this hybrid. Did you know that you can choose to have access to luxurious elements such as a moonroof or SofTex seating material? With a moonroof you can be sure to enjoy warm sunshine or the beautiful night sky no matter where you sit in this vehicle. Of course, your comfort also won’t be compromised with the help of the extremely comfortable seating that the SoftTex material delivers.

Regardless of what your style preferences are, you can be sure to enjoy the incredible options this eco-friendly Toyota has to offer! Why even wait to test them out or to start enjoying them? There’s no reason to hesitate! Come and stop by our location at 16851 State Road to choose which model is best-suited to your needs and take it home today. Our team members are standing by ready to assist you with whatever you need!