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If you want to get a new vehicle that’s able to handle tough towing jobs, then you have a wide selection to choose from. Did you know that more than Toyota trucks are equipped with the proper mechanisms to tow heavy items? At Toyota of Clermont, drivers can easily and quickly find many different tough options so they aren’t necessarily limited to only getting one kind of vehicle style. If you need a new Toyota near Orlando that can tow, there are a lot of different factors that must be taken into consideration to ensure that you get the vehicle that’s perfectly suited to your transportation needs.

New Toyota near Orlando are able to tow!

new Toyota VenzaIt’s common for drivers to think that trucks are the only option available when it comes to getting a newer car that’s able to handle heavy weights and transport lots of cargo. Did you know that a truck isn’t the only kind of new Toyota near Orlando that’s able to meet this requirement, though? Take a look at the variety of options available for drivers to enjoy while also being able to move heavier objects!

• If you only plan on towing light weights every once in a while, then getting a smaller vehicle like a crossover or four-door sedan is probably fine. For instance, some trim-levels of the 2014 Toyota Venza can easily tow up to 3,500 pounds.
• However, if you plan on towing heavy cargo on a regular basis, then you might need a vehicle that’s a little bit bigger and can handle heavier weights. This is where opting to get an SUV might be a good idea! Many SUVs can easily move heavy cargo around. The important thing to remember if you’re towing heavy items in this type of vehicle is to have the hitch be attached to frame of the SUV and not the body or bumper. If the tow hitch is attached to the body or bumper then towing heavy cargo might cause damage to the vehicle.
• Then again, if you anticipate needing to use a heavy trailer to move lots of cargo on a regular basis, then you definitely can’t go wrong with either a Toyota Tundra or the Toyota Tacoma near Orlando! Both of these vehicles are specifically designed to move heavy cargo on a regular basis. The new Toyota Tacoma near Orlando may be more compact, but it can actually tow up to 6,500 pounds!

Which Toyota would you use to tow?

Clearly drivers have many different options to choose from when it comes to finding a vehicle that can handle heavy weights without a problem. Whether you need to be able to tow heavy cargo or prefer to have the option to haul a trailer on an occasional basis, you can easily find a new Toyota near Orlando that meets these preferences.

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